Bio Why Oh Why Oh Why?

Biotech is a risky business. Genetically modified organisms ("GMO's"), often manifested as seeds used to grow the crops for the foods we eat, have been around for several decades.

It's clear they're here to stay.

And the acceptance of GMO's, particularly because they can increase profits, inevitably will lead to the seeking of other solutions using biotech.

Profit is the most popular factor in single factor analysis.  Money means success to most folks.  Even if it's at the expense of other more important factors; think health, longevity, goodwill.

Now we have Joe Biden signing an Executive Order to promote biotech and "biomanufacturing" with the stated goals of safety, sustainability and security in the American "bioeconomy".

Forgive us if we infer that it's about profit...and control...which results in...wait for it...profits.

You Make the Call - Chinese Virus or Cash Creation?

For the past several years, people around the world have thought about something every day, and often each day, reported to be a virus that jumped from a farmers market to the respiratory system of every single person in the world.
You're free to disagree.

It's often obvious to us that folks lay their bets on problems or opportunities based on single factor analysis.  We'd like to at least show a relationship to the timeline of "corona" that correlates pretty clearly.

The chart...

"Coronadollars" (on the right...)


This chart shows the money supply ("M1") in United States dollars over the past few years.

How many people during that time knew their money was going down in value because of the growth in the money supply?  That is the primary reason money value decreases.
Was the fact that so much money creation was going on - affecting every single citizen - as important as the effects and possible effects of "Covid-19"?

Best regards, and remember it will all be over soon enough.  And we do recommend you take one more look at the chart before leaving.  It may be worth right-clicking on the chart and clicking "Open Image in New Tab" or however Apple devices work.

Change and Conservatism - A Quote

"All conservatism is based upon the idea that if you leave things alone you leave them as they are.  But you do not. If you leave a thing alone you leave it twisting in a torrent of change."
- G.K.Chesteron

We agree. There is a wisdom in affecting positive change - even to maintain adherence to individual or societal principles - that sees what it's looking at.

Inflation and The Stock Markets

The value of the stock markets currently is being affected by inflation;  not the Price Inflation we normally think about, but the inflation that is the primary cause of Price Inflation - an increase in the money supply.

In the past few years with money for COVID and the stimulus checks and congressional distributions of wealth pitched as morally principled legislation AND with Federal Reserve manipulation of the markets with it's apparently selfish goals, (This is all my opinion of course.  I could be wrong.  Yeah right.) money has poured into the economy, and consequently the stock markets, at an unhealthy increased rate.

So when you hear the stock market is going up and think, as we traditionally have, that "well, things must be pretty good", remember that things aren't always as they seem.

And the Jobs Disappear

Technology has always promised the opportunity for improved production, or in more pragmatic terms, the dawn of optimized production costs.

So that may be part of the reason for what this post/article discusses - a significant decrease in jobs nationwide.

Take a look at the State of Delaware, from where we hail.  A forty percent drop!

It's worth a search for the reasons for this profound change.  Our guess is that it's about more than technology.

United Goals (or "A Useful Hierarchy")

In most relationships today, there is some degree of (a dynamic) of hierarchy.  It can range from the extremes of absolute authoritarianism to a simplicity of understood responsibility.

Hierarchy has some practical uses.  Probably the simplest purpose is to communicate an understanding of designated or implied responsibility and/or function.  In other words, knowing "who" is to do "what" is profoundly helpful, if not essential, in every relationship.

Interestingly, it follows then, that hierarchy is almost always a pile of dry paper waiting for a match.  Misunderstanding the dynamics of hierarchy can create opportunities for abuse leading to the demise of any relationship.  And using hierarchy as a tool for placing blame is definitely not its best use.

So communicating clearly and agreement about the existing or proposed hierarchical structure is a critical factor to every member of a group.

Probably  the most obvious expression of hierarchy is in the relationship of a citizenry with it's government.

The degree to which a society agrees to be governed by it's officials is the pulse of a civilization.

A nation of people always has enemies, and the risks of war with external enemies is always the prominent concern.  When the risks of war within a society arise, it is always between the people and the government.

Any attempt at making the distinction between the governed and the governors less discernable is very likely an insidious move to disrupt the relationship of these two and soften or fracture the foundations of a society.

And interestingly, any actions intended to identify unique groups within the homogenous group of the governed could reasonably be considered an attempt to increase the power of the government - an unfortunately ominous sign of the deterioration of the society.